Silverlight for Symbian

a year back when Microsoft started silverlight i was not sure about it’s future and with the pace they were proceeding. But in this short span Microsoft has taken some serious steps towards the development and interoperability of silverlight. Like for Linux platform a collaborative effort Moonlight (though i haven’t tested but it looks promising) is open source cross platform implementation of silverlight.
also news are around that Microsoft is testing beta for Silverlight for Android.

and just days ago they launched Silverlight for Symbian, such steps showed Microsoft’s strong efforts to strongly capture the Market which is currently owned by Adobe Flash.

The plugin for Symbian (S60 series) can be downloaded here.
for more click here

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Microsoft Windows Phone Developer Tools

Today in Mix010 Microsoft has announced Windows Phone Developer Tools and the great thing which is new for me atleast (but i must say i suspected it Embarrassed) is that it’s purely Silverlight… Scott Guthrie announced that development plateforms for Windows Phone are Silverlight and XNA..
The most amazing thing is that unlike it’s predecessor Windows Mobile or so… it’s not a compact framework of Original, it’s not Silverlight Compact or Silverlight for Windows Phone… it’s SILVERLIGHT full framework…
Development tools are available only with Visual Studio Express 2010 IDE and can be downloaded from here
Microsoft has shown a pretty good simulator for Windows Phone:

    Courtsy Microsoft

i have gone through some good blogs Windows Phone takes the stage at Mix and Windows Phone 7 and Silverlight – Details Revealed

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Silverlight 4 security overview whitepaper

today while looking into mix 10 sessions details i read about security improvements in Silverlight 4… it seems interesting to me so i just searched about that and came across a pretty good whitepaper on Silverlight 4 security… you gusy should read it Click here for more….

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Technology Crossover….

i think the guys is right… we are on a Technology Crossover… aren’t we?

HTML and the web page dominance is now over. A whole generation of users are growing up using devices and interacting with the internet only via Apps. Apps are our future; we are now living in the App Economy, as Business Week puts it.
Is the iPhone (and Android) the harbinger of death for web pages?

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Peeking into Android with Eclipse

just started to take a peek into Google Android… let’s see what it has got..

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Microsoft open sources .Net Micro development framework

came across a news on Infoworld regarding .net Micro framework… Microsoft has release version 4.0 under Apache 2.0 license (Open Source 😐 ).. but i would simply say is Microsoft withdrawing from further investment on this?? i hope so NO… but amazingly TCP/IP stack and Crypto libraries are not included in this license… More can be found here


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Spammers on Windows Blogs….. :(

sorry guys today i disabled comments…. as there is no comments moderation system on Windows live i was getting hit again and again by spammers… and today it took me loads of time to go through each post and delete spam one by one…

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