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Using Open Source technologies along Microsoft Stack

Lately I am getting more in love with Open Source technologies especially those which are ported to .Net or can be directly used with .Net.

Please Microsoft don’t consider me a REBEL, I am proudly Microsoft Tech Person. The reason is simple we (Tech persons) are open enough to embrace any products or trend which provides performance and stability (and ma cost-effective too).

Generally I am supporting discussion about “Alternate technologies should be explored” while sticking with technological boundaries which in my case are Microsoft one. We all are aware of the fact that looking at better code and concepts can make us better programmer/Developer, reason being clear enough I would say “Look at those good Open Source products if you learn accept it, if you haven’t that means you know better than suggest it”.

Microsoft is also supporting and getting benefits from this CodePlex is biggest example, Microsoft has placed many of it’s packages at CodePlex which gets used and reviewed by community and later become part of different Microsoft Frameworks.

Look at StackoverFlow they are part of Microsoft Bizspark program, even they earned Microsoft Stack Badge on use of Microsoft Products: OS, Database, C#, Visual Studio, and ASP .NET MVC.
But they too are blending with Open Source flavor now:

I used “memcached” as caching layer to cut huge load from SQL Server, it greatly improved response time.

In upcoming articles I will be discussing following Open Source products along their pro and cons:

  1. Lucene – Open Source full text search engine framework
  2. SOLR – Open Source search engine with support for Facet search and a lot more
  3. Redis Server
  4. memcached (a windows based port is also available)

the list may increase with time depending on my personal findings and inputs.


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