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Bottlenose Dolphin

its hilarious. check the beauty of nature.

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Good News Pakistan

Coagulations! gulls and guys a internal dope test operated by PCB has very good results, both Asif and Akhter have been proved +ve, with inzy already out of series and now Asif and Akhter its really nice to see Pakistan struggling………

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Ball Tampering Issue with Pakistan.

I think from all these reviews and Darel Hair’s previous record on started to think why Mr. Hair is the one who loves to confront Controversies. There was not a single Evidence and still he done is so called "JOB" and also he follows the "RULES". but I must say he has played with RULES. why it was assumed that the Ball was tampered, due to reverse swing….huh! when that art emerge from Pakistan and whenever Pakistan tries to do this it starts gossips that "Pakistan is tampering Ball" Well done! I can come to only one Conclusion and I.e. Unlink past series was going in good manner and Mr. Hair started to think that we are missing some thing here so he acts as a "Dared Umpire" and done it. about Ball condition I am totally agreed with Ian Field: At 08:45 PM on 21 Aug 2006, Ive been listening to comments on this all day & truly believe that after 56 overs..the ball would have been well duffed up and would have looked like it did…but do not believe it was tampered with..indeed.. I understand it was knocked for 6 against the concrete stands several times before tea..For the sake of the game – lets draw a line now under this incident and resume the test immediatley…..Details But i must say what happens "All" was not good news to all of us….lets just hope that Pakistan won’t quit the series.   Experts on Oval controversy (BBC LINK) For the first time in cricket history, a Test match was forfeited after Pakistan refused to take to the field in protest at being penalised for ball-tampering. The match was awarded to England, who took the series 3-0, but the fall-out from Pakistan’s and umpires Darrell Hair and Billy Doctrove actions has everyone talking. BBC Sport rounds up the views of former players and officials on the controversy. Geoffrey BoycottFormer England batsman and TMS commentator writing in the Daily Telegraph The ICC must be blind or stupid not to have realised that there is history between Darrell Hair, the umpire who accused them of changing the nature of the ball, and Pakistan. There were mutterings after the Headingley Test that Pakistan didn’t like Hair’s attitude. Pakistan regard Hair as an officious umpire and they don’t like his style of man-management. It should have been obvious to the ICC that appointing him to this series created a situation like a volcano waiting to erupt Ian Botham Former England captain and commentator writing in the Daily Mirror They are the mandarins who fiddled while the game slid towards anarchy at The Oval. The ICC are the alleged governing body who left 23,000 paying spectators and millions of people tuning into TV and radio coverage completely in the dark. And they are the administrators who should have sorted out an unholy mess by separating hard fact from innuendo and supposition at the fourth Test, which will now be remembered for all the wrong seasons. They needed to make a statement specifying exactly why the ball was changed, what they had seen, who was involved and how often. Otherwise the whole Pakistan team stands accused of cheating Imran KhanFormer Pakistan captain and all-rounder speaking on BBC News 24 I do not agree with the way Inzamam protested. He should have protested when the ball was being changed, and then again at the end of the game. I suspect Inzamam was shell-shocked. But under no circumstances would I not come out after tea – Pakistan were winning the Test. I certainly think Darrell Hair is at fault. The main culprit is Hair. This is no way to pass a decision – it’s too sensitive an issue for Pakistan, because of the history of ball-tampering accusations. Nasser Hussain Former England captain writing in the Daily Mail Did Darrell Hair actually see a member of the Pakistan team tampering with a cricket ball? Has he got proof? If he hasn’t then he has made a massive mistake. If I had been accused of cheating in this way then, as long as I was sure of our innocence, I would have done exactly the same thing as Pakistan. I wouldn’t have come out after tea, either. People have said that Pakistan should have waited until the close of play and then gone down the right channels, but they wouldn’t have seen it that way. To Pakistan, if they had carried on playing, they would have been admitting their guilt. Rameez Raja Former Pakistan batsman and TMS commentator writing in The Nation newspaper The star of the show was definitely umpire Darrell Hair, but as a villain of the piece. His arbitrary and insensitive style of judgment here at The Oval sparked an absolutely needless controversy that has put the Test match in serious jeopardy and brought infamy to the game. Dickie Bird Former Test umpire speaking on BBC Radio Five Live I think they should have finished the Test match. Pakistan have been badly hurt [by the accusations] but the people who have to suffer are the fans. I would have tried to keep it going for the sake of public; they have paid the money. After the match you all get round the table and thrash this out. Mike GattingFormer England captain speaking to BBC Five Live It is a very sad state of affairs; it is very difficult – but very sad it happened the way it did. At the end of the day when you get called a cheat it is not very nice and it is an emotive subject. I understand how much it hurts and how aggrieved you feel. At the same time there are times and places. I would have hoped there were some wiser heads in the dressing room to be able to calm things down and say ‘Look, boys, you’ve got to go out – but we can sort this out at the end of the day’. The umpires have a very difficult job, and it is their opinion. When you put two guys in charge of a match it is in their hands, and you hope they will use a bit of common sense at times. Asif IqbalFormer Pakistan all-rounder It was badly handled by Darrell Hair. He should have spoken to the captain first and said he was suspicious. Darrell Hair assumed the ball was tampered with. It was an assumption – there was no evidence. By signalling five runs, he gave his verdict they were cheating in his opinion. The condition of the ball had changed, but he has not named a particular individual. Javed MiandadFormer Pakistan captain and coach Pakistan committed mistake after mistake and put themselves in a no-win situation. Whoever took the decision [to stay off the field] it’s the skipper who will face the punishment Either he should have taken the decision immediately or have played the match under protest. Pakistan has not only lost the match, but also lost the sympathy with the crowd, who came to see the game. If I have been in Inzamam’s place I would have asked the boys to play on. I would have played under protest and kept the door open for the appeal.