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Thank you BOB, you made the difference.

There are occasions when words, or anything else, are not enough. This is one of those occasions.

I have no words for all this all what has happed today was a great loss for Cricket, it looks to me that a very dear one of mine has departed.

I just can say Osman Samiuddin has expressed it all.

No matter now, for what has gone previously, what he did as player or coach, whatever has happened, all of it is irrelevant at this moment. In time, after sorrow and regret, it will become clear that he had done enough with Pakistan, with South Africa, with Warwickshire, with the ICC and with the game to be remembered as an innovative, successful coach and not for a last-game defeat to Ireland. My last interaction with him was through e-mail. He wished me a speedy recovery from illness. God bless your soul Bob.

Above Quoted Article can be found here.

‘Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery, so concentrate on the now’



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