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Honey Pot Captcha Technique

while surfing along my RSS feeds today i read the Honey Pot Captcha Technique its so simple and easy.

First, what is a Captcha?  It is a challenge – response test to help determine that you are actually a human.  You’ve undoubted already came across a few of these during a sign up process of some text with a grid or a line through it asking what it says.

Haack came to the conclusion that most bots don’t do two things, parse CSS and execute JavaScript.  Haack’s solution adds in a field in a hidden div tag that a spam bot would fill then checks it server side during the validation of the submission.  He even wrote a validation control which is on CodePlex.


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Words May Fail By Ovais Akhter

yesterday our Architect shared his poem "Words May Fail(a poem about the US invation of Iraq)", I think he has beautifully played with words while expressing his feelings .
Flood of Tears, in the mist of fears

Helpless fathers

Dying sons and screaming daughters

Killed for oil or killed for fun

On their own soil under the burning sun

The power of my expression can not tell the tale

The emotions are such that words may fail

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